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Every town and parish council now needs a website in order to comply with current legislation and be transparent in the way they work. This means that in essence they all need the same pages to provide the necessary information.

Our basic website package provides the absolute minimum but it also has the scope to expand and provide information, services and facilities that are specific to their particular location.

Our websites are also fully GDPR compliant.

Tel: 01494 438904 for an informal discussion or to request an information pack

Building and maintaining parish council websites since 2005


Based in the heart of the Chilterns we provide website design, development, hosting and email services for town and parish councils.

The company was originally established in 1987 and has a vast amount of local government experience as well as a background in marketing, advertising, staging conferences, product launches and exhibitions as well as video, dvd and cdrom production.

In 2000, having added website design to our portfolio, we saw a niche in 2005 for the delivery of a website service for local authorities who needed a website, but did not have the expertise to build their own. Whilst there are a lot of website design companies throughout the UK, their fee structure was aimed at the business market and they were unfamiliar with local councils, the manner in which they operate and their limited finances.

Further research showed that the handful of companies involved in the council website market were producing sites built in a Content Management System (CMS) that were bland, lacked any individuality and failed to deliver any flavour of the area which they represented. In addition, they imposed additional work on the Clerk, so a council pays a fee for the use of the CMS but still has to find the time/money to manage the website. was born with a mandate to reverse this trend, make unique websites available to even the smallest parish council at an economical cost and without imposing more work on the clerk.

In addition, we were happy to offer advice, if required, on the content of the website, help you ensure it meets with all the relevant legislation and provides the most cost effective strategy to meet the council's requirements and government legislation.

We have a certified clerk on the staff with twenty years experience in local government.