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All you need to do in order to have new documents or information added to your website is to email them to us in Word, Excel or PDF format.

Agendas, Minutes and other important information is uploaded within minutes; dependent on workload at the time, non-critical alterations and additions can take a few hours.

We guarantee a 48 hours service but we've never taken longer that 24 hours

Updating websites is our forte.

Tel: 01494 438904 for an informal discussion

Building and maintaining parish council websites since 2005


Our forte is updating, taking your documents/information and getting it onto your site as quickly as possible. (see Testimonials)

Our charges for updating your website are reasonable and affordable. Starting at £300.00 + VAT per year you can get more information by downloading our Updating Plans schedule.

Our service and pricing is designed to reflect the work that's required in maintaining a website to the current legislation. Full details on what's included can be found in What We Do.

Anything work required on the website over and above the updating contract is carried out on an Ad-hoc basis and charged at £15 + VAT per page however,


Larger councils/websites choose our Webmaster Service where we charge one annual fee to cover all the updating and changes required to the site.

Finally there are the fixed annual costs of owning a website:

The Domain Name carries an annual renewal charge of £7.99 per year plus VAT which we usually manage on a two yearly basis.

The Hosting charge covers the cost of the server space where your website is located together with a part payment towards the maintenence of the servers and the associated software installed which manages the DNS server, the website server and the email servers. The cost of hosting your website is £60.00 per year plus VAT.

If you have any questions about costs please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to work with any council, completely free of charge, to help construct a specification which they can send to prospective suppliers in order to obtain truly competitive costings.